NCT 127 “Sticker” You’ll Love It, Hate It, Or Maybe Both?

It’s a fact NCT 127’s song “Sticker” is the type of song you’ll either love or hate. Or maybe you’ll feel both, cause the song is a mix of almost everything.

Here’s my reaction video to NCT 127 “Sticker” MV.

HOWEVER when it comes to their album, there is definitely a song for everyone.

Their album covers a variety of genres. Which reminds me of a menu at a restaurant, even if you’re a picky eater – they still have something that’ll satisfy your taste.

Want a soft romantic song? Check out “Magic Carpet Ride”.

Want a diss track to the haters? “Lemonade” is that song.

Want some spicy lyrics? “Breakfast” serves that.

Need a song for your workout? “Bring The Noize” will give you the energy you need.

The list goes on and on.

The point is, even though personally I couldn’t process their title track “Sticker” – I still LOVE NCT’s album.

My favorite track is “Lemonade”. I’ve had that song on repeat. It has everything I love from NCT – strong lyrics, iconic rap verses, smooth vocals, and don’t get me started on that amazing choreography.

Here’s my reaction video to NCT 127 “Lemonade” and “Road Trip” track videos.

I understand there are plenty of people that adore “Sticker”- I just can’t get passed the odd mixture of a jazz piano, vocals, a hip hop beat, and a flute. It simply doesn’t sound right in my ears. However that bridge is EVERYTHING. If I play “Sticker” it would be for that amazing bridge.

Despite my feelings towards “Sticker” I still applaud NCT (and SM) for doing something completely unique. I believe only NCT could do this type of song. They keep things fresh with surprises like “Sticker”.

Regardless, if you love their title track or not. PLEASE check out their album. Like I said there is a song for everyone.

Here’s my reaction video to NCT 127 “Magic Carpet Ride” and “Dreamer”.

Prior to their album release I watched their track video for “Magic Carpet Ride” and it was love at first listen. The song is so beautiful. It’s on the softer side and I’m so glad NCT released a song like this so we can enjoy their velvety vocals. So yes, “Magic Carpet Ride” is my other favorite song on this album.

All in all this is an interesting comeback for NCT 127, I’m happy they’re promoting both “Sticker” and “Lemonade”. I’m sure they predicted some people wouldn’t be able to handle “Sticker” so luckily they have a great b-side to support this comeback.

I know I didn’t talk much about their other tracks: “Breakfast”, “Focus”, “The Rainy Night”, “Far”, “Bring The Noize”, “Road Trip”, “Dreamer”, and “Promise You”. But those are all great songs. I still recommend everyone to check out their album.

I hope you enjoy NCT 127’s album Sticker as much as I did. Like always, I look forward to all of NCT’s future activities and wish them the best.


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