Key Is Kpop’s Retro King and Rightfully So

If you’ve been following Key’s solo music, then you already know he is one of kind. Key breaks out of the norms and reinvents concepts making them entirely, uniquely his. For his latest comeback he fully takes on the retro sound and absolutely owns it.

In his mini album, Bad Love, he blends sci-fi and old school together. The term used for it is ‘retro space’. Everything from the songs, his music videos, even his performances and physical albums are immersed in this theme.

I’m happy Key fought for his vision when it came to his comeback.

Despite all the groups and artists that are releasing retro inspired music, Key really thrives in it. When listening to his songs, the genre fits him perfectly. He doesn’t try to be like someone else, he doesn’t try to blend with the trend. Instead, he makes it his own and that’s how he stands out from the rest.

Although, I’ll admit the only song on his album that breaks away from the ‘retro space’ sound is his lovely song “Hate that…” feat. Taeyeon. This song was released before his album. It’s a bittersweet, post breakup song. But the music video still holds the ‘retro space’ theme.

Personally I love his b-side tracks, “Saturday Night”, “Hate that…” feat. Taeyeon, and “Eighteen (End Of My World)”.

In my music video reaction I share more of my thoughts on his title track and the MV.

I also posted a video album review, I share my thoughts on each track and talk about the lyrics too.

If you haven’t listened to Key’s album Bad Love, I definitely recommend it.


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