Real, Raw, and 100% That 빛. Hwasa Returns With Her 2nd Single Album ‘Guilty Pleasure’

You can always count on Hwasa to be 100% real, especially in her music. Hwasa doesn’t paint herself as a picture-perfect idol. She’s got flaws and she owns them. She’s unapologetically herself and that’s what makes her a Queen in the music scene.

“I’m a 빛” is bold and relatable. I love the play on words 빛 in Korean means light. But when it’s pronounced, 빛, sounds like the English word for b*tch.

During her comeback showcase she shared the meaning behind the title of her mini album Guilty Pleasure, “To simply put, it’s a sinful act, but it’s about happiness that follows after.”

Earlier Hwasa mentioned that she felt lost for a year and five months (that was her last solo comeback). She mentioned (from an artist/music point of view), “The more I overstrained myself more, the more pleasure I got from it.” – Therefore, she thought the name Guilty Pleasure was a fitting title.

She continued and said, “So, there are times when I become hysterical while overworking myself. You know, once in a while it happens. When you focus on something too hard, you become hysterical and sensitive. It seems like I am missing the happiness that’s around me and working hard becomes the consolation to myself or something.”

When I first heard “I’m a 빛” all I kept saying was, “YES!”. This song is catchy, easy to sing along to, and definitely replay worthy. If I need a hype song this is one of the songs I play. Hwasa’s confidence is contagious – if you ever feel down just play this track.

Hwasa also released two other b-side tracks. In “FOMO” Hwasa shares how she’ll always be there, no matter what happens she’s a trustworthy person. This song is completely in English. Hwasa did a a great job in expressing her emotions and the overall message with each word she sang.

In her comeback showcase she explained the meaning behind the song, “- it is a song about overcoming the fear created for various reasons and achieving peace.”

“Bless U” is the third b-side track – it’s somber and emotional. Hwasa sings about someone who lied to her. Despite the pain she still blesses that person.

Once again, in her comeback showcase she shared the meaning of “Bless U”, “If there’s someone you hate because you love so much, whether it’s a friend, lover, or family…and you keep carrying that lingering feeling, and at some point you become free from that feeling. And you no longer hate anybody and only bless that person completely.”

My own interpretation of the song is: It’s about forgiving someone even though they hurt you.

Although the promotions for this comeback was short, it was still impactful. I hope when you hear Hwasa’s music you’ll get a boost of confidence and some strength for you day.


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