Well everyone, we made it! It’s that time of the year that I share my favorite tracks released.

Usually I list my favorite tracks either in no particular order or sharing my favorites in order.

HOWEVER, this year I’ll list my favorite songs from January to December – in order of release. If you’ve been following my monthly blog posts then you probably already know my fav songs. But anyway, with all that being said here are my top Kpop songs of 2021!


Epik High “Rosario”

  • What can I say? This song is badass and it was made by legends for legends. Epik High, CL, and Zico, what a collab! Definitely one of my top favorites of the year.

Golden Child “Burn It”

  • This song has that addicting Spanish sound that I love in songs. But Golden Child’s whole comeback for “Burn It” was incredible, starting with that dramatic music video. But seriously, Golden Child owned the scene with “Burn It”.

ONEUS “No Diggity”

  • “No Diggity” was a very cool comeback from ONEUS. The song is hard hitting and awesome. The concept for this comeback was slightly different from what they’ve done previously. But it was still great.

Bobby “U Mad”

  • I can’t tell you how many times I’ve played this song when I’ve been stressed. “U Mad” is full of Bobby’s natural charisma and style. This was a solid solo work from him. Also his b-side track, “Devil” is my fav as well.


  • This was one of my top favorite comebacks from (G)I-DLE. Everything about their comeback was beautiful. The music video, choreography, the title track, and even their b-sides. I would like to include their b-side track “DAHLIA” that song is *chef’s kiss* a masterpiece too.

VICTON “What I Said”

  • I’ll admit I was torn between “What I Said” and “Flip A Coin” both songs are so good. But I went with their title track. VICTON has incredible vocals and rap verses. But major props to Hanse who’s rap verses are iconic! My goodness this comeback was so good. I’m so proud of VICTON.


  • This song was made for champions. MCND has released amazing songs throughout the year but this is one of my top favorites. It’s their b-side track but it’s title track material. If you need a song to add to your workout playlist, please add this one!

HyunA “I’m Not Cool”

  • I’ll be 100% honest with you all. HyunA’s “I’m Not Cool” is my #1 most replayed song of 2021 according to Spotify. I’ve played this song consistently all year round. Every time I need motivation or energy I play this song.
  • Yes, I know the choreography and the lyrics. This song is super fun and catchy. I think a lot of people will be surprised when they find out this is my number one song of the year…but hey it is what it is. HyunA dominated 2021.

U-KNOW “Need You Right Now”

  • This song was love at first listen. U-Know’s vocals and the melody is so perfect. Also, I would like to mention his music video for “Thank U” is my top favorite music video of the year. No other video can compete with it. Also his whole concept for this comeback is perfection, in my opinion. It’s film noir – each video is based on a movie genre. It was so well done and as a film nerd this made me sooo happy. His physical album is still my favorite packaging of all the albums I’ve bought this year.


Gaeko & Kwon Jin Ah – “I feel like (마음이 그래)”

  • I may not know much about Gaeko and Kwon Jin Ah but their voices together are magic. Their song “I feel like (마음이 그래)” is so beautiful. I had this song on replay for a while and sometimes it’ll randomly pop up in my head. Again, their vocals, the harmony, it’ll make anyone melt.

Kang Daniel “Paranoia”

  • When Kang Daniel released “Paranoia” it was completely different to anything he had done before. The song is dark and honest. Everything about this comeback was excellent – the choreography, the music video, the song, each performance. Kang Daniel is a solid solo artist who pays attention to each detail. I applaud him for sharing his journey and being honest about his mental health.

GSoul – “Stay (tempus)”

  • I don’t watch Kdramas, however every once in a while I stumble upon an OST that truly fall in love with. GSoul has always been one of my favorite artist, he’s an incredible vocalist (one of the best in my opinion). He released an OST “Stay(tempus)” and it was produced by GroovyRoom. I had this song on repeat. I’ll admit even when I worked out I still played this song.

LUCY – “난로 (Stove)”

  • So, so, so under appreciated – the band Lucy released such a beautiful song “난로 (Stove)“. Even their instrumental track  “Outro (뒤 돌아보면)” is film score worthy. This band has a violinist (he’s also the leader) and it gives them such a unique sound. I’ve been wanting to talk about them on my channel and I hope in 2022 I will. More people need to listen to them.

SHINee “Don’t Call Me”

  • This is another one of my most replayed songs of the year (according to Spotify). This song is my anthem! Especially at work…I’ve replayed this song almost everyday. SHINee came back and they delivered! Such a solid comeback from one of the most unique Kpop groups ever.

Kim Woo Seok “Sugar”

  • Sweet, bubbly, and flirty, I LOVED Wooseok’s song “Sugar”. Even the little hand choreography was so catchy too. This song satisfied my need for a fun bubbly song, even though if you read the lyrics it’s actually quite sexy too. I smile just thinking about this song.

CIX “Cinema”

  • “Cinema” was a masterpiece! CIX has done some dark concepts, they’ve released great songs too. But “Cinema” felt so fresh and fun. It’s one of my top favorite songs from “CIX”. I love this song so so so much. Also the choreography is fantastic as well. Honestly, this year CIX released great songs (title tracks and b-sides).

ONF “Beautiful Beautiful”

  • Honestly, February was a gift that kept on giving. So many incredible comebacks and ONF really gave us one of the best songs of the year. When I first heard “Beautiful Beautiful” I was immediately obsessed with it. If you watched my reaction video to it…you’ll know what I’m talking about. Not only the song but the music video as well blew me away. ONF always has amazing music videos but “Beautiful Beautiful” was epic. Also, spoiler….later on in the year they would comeback with an even better MV. But seriously, ONF had a great year.


WOODZ – “Rebound”

  • This song has so much emotion. Seungyoun’s vocals are incredible. As a listener I can hear the pain he expressed while singing. His title track “Feel Like” is great too, however I kept going back to “Rebound”.

IU – “My Sea”

  • IU released a spectacular album this year. The song I chose was “My Sea”, because of how emotional it is. However, her b-side track “Ah puh” is another one of my favorites. I’ll admit I think I played “Ah puh” more than “My Sea” but still, both songs are very different but worth the recognition. Also her other b-side track “Troll” featuring Dean, and “Coin”, and “Lilac”…just her whole album.

VERIVERY – “Numbness”

  • Every time I listen to this song I have to sing the chorus and blast the song. It is sooo good. VERIVERY has awesome songs, last year they made it on my list and this year again. Even though “Numbness” is a b-side track, it is title track worthy.

ATEEZ – “Fireworks (I’m The One)”

  • I really enjoyed ATEEZ “Fireworks” and I didn’t think I replayed it enough. But according to Spotify it is one of my top replayed songs of the year as well. So that was a pleasant surprise. It’s powerful and epic. It’s another confidence boosting songs, I love it.

Super Junior – “House Party”

  • Listen, I don’t care what people say about this song, but it’s fantastic. The whole message is perfect and I wish more people would apply it in their lives – social distance, stay home, wear your mask, etc. Super Junior made a fun song out of pandemic rules. Let’s be honest, no one is doing it like Super Junior.

GHOST9 – “Seoul”

  • GHOST9 dominated music shows with this song. First of all, the music video is amazing, their stage performances were spectacular, and the whole song is like a love letter to Seoul.

Purple Kiss – “Period”

  • Purple Kiss b-side “Period” was tied with “Skip Skip”. Both songs are so good. But I went with “Period”, it’s a softer song but their vocals really shine. I think this song is vastly under appreciated. “Skip Skip” is a more upbeat and fun song. But seriously this is a talented group and I hope more people will recognize them in the new year.

Baekhyun – “Cry For Love”

  • I would list every single song from Baekhyun’s Bambi album here. But one song that I replayed more than others is “Cry For Love”. Baekhyun is another incredible vocalist. His high notes and low notes in “Cry For Love” is out of this world. I never skip this song when it comes on. It’s amazing, I love it, and shout out to the other songs on his album too. All the songs are high quality *chef’s kiss* I’m so happy Baekhyun released this album before he enlisted.

Pentagon – “1 + 1”

  • Pentagon’s “1+1” and “Baby I Love You” are tied. It’s really hard for me to pick just one song. I love both tracks equally. Also their title track “Do or Not” was so sweet. This comeback was bittersweet (cause Hui enlisted). But overall it was fresh and fun!

Seung Yoon “IYAH”

  • Very few groups and artists can make me cry. But Winner and Seung Yoon managed to pull on my heartstrings. Yoon released his solo album and it felt like a journal about his life. His title track “IYAH” is so beautiful and yes I cried the first time listening to this song. I hate crying (especially on camera) but I couldn’t help myself. He’s a genuine artist through and through. This album was spectacular.


NU’EST – “Don’t Wanna Go”

  • Nuest came, they released one album, and went on with their lives throughout the rest of the year. But the one album they released is enough to satisfy my need for Nuest all year because the songs are so good. Their b-side track “Don’t Wanna Go” is one of my top favorites. It was love at first listen.

Kang Daniel – “Antidote”

  • I consider this one of my top songs of the year. The whole message behind “Antidote” and Kang Daniel’s album Yellow, is so important. Again, I’m so proud of Kang Daniel for being honest about his mental health and releasing this album, which I believe can and has helped a lot of people.

P1Harmony – “AYAYA”

  • Yes, one of my favorite rookie groups has had solid comebacks this year. However, their b-side track “AYAYA” quickly became my obsession. It’s so good, high energy, and super catchy.

ENHYPEN – “Drunk-Dazed”

  • My other favorite rookie group, ENHPEN released “Drunk-Dazed” and it became my favorite Enhypen song to date. I’ve enjoyed their previous releases, but “Drunk-Dazed” is hypnotizing, haunting, and fun. Plus the music video is amazing too.

ITZY – “마.피.아. In The Morning”

  • I know there was a lot of mixed feelings about this comeback, but I loved it. The song, the choreography, the music video, it was great! It was a bit different from the bright concepts ITZY has done before, but I thought they still owned it and made it work.

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