Alright, here’s part 2 of my top favorite Kpop songs released in 2021. To be specific this post will cover the months May – August.

If you missed part 1, check it out HERE.

I am listing my favorite songs in order of release (by month). So enjoy!


Yesung – “Corazón Perdido (Lost Heart)”

  • Can I say how perfect this song is? Yesung never fails to release music that can calm anyone. This song “Corazón Perdido (Lost Heart)” is so beautiful. I’m obsessed with it.

Oh My Girl – “My doll”

  • Beautiful and ethereal, Oh My Girl’s “My doll” is a gem. This song was something I had never heard Oh My Girl do before. It sounded magical and other-worldly. I love it.

NCT Dream – “Hot Sauce”

  • According to my Spotify wrapped my second most replayed song (released in 2021) is NCT Dream “Hot Sauce”. It’s sooooo awesome and addicting. Definitely one of my top favorite NCT songs for 2021.

Highlight – “Not The End”

  • I found out about Highlight through Yoon Dujun, last year. So when they had their comeback I was super excited. “Not The End” is such a hopeful, healing, and comforting song.


  • TRI.BE has released some fun and catchy songs. “LORO” made it on my list because every time I listen to it, it’ll be stuck in my head all day. Same for their song “Rub-A-Dum”, seriously all their songs are fantastic.

TXT – “0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)” feat. Seori

  • Originally back in May I said “Sputnik” was my favorite song TXT released that month. HOWEVER, as the year went on I started listening to “I Know I Love You” way more. Specifically in November I started watching TXT content and I think I’m becoming a MOA…maybe…who knows. Anyway, “I Know I Love You” is soooo good. I’ve replayed it almost every single day in November.

Taemin – “Advice”

  • Another top comeback of the year for me was Taemin. His album Advice is spectacular but the song “Advice” is incredible. The music video, the album packaging, the choreography, Taemin’s vocals and quick rap verses – it was a masterpiece. “Advice” is one of my top favorite songs of the year. The hype for Taemin is real. Also this year I’ve been listening to more of his solo music…so much so he’s one of my top artist of the year (according to Spotify).
  • Also I think this is one of the most replayed music videos of the year for me. Sometimes I just want to rewatch it because of how good it is!

BTS – “Butter”

  • Yes, I am one of those people that thoroughly enjoyed “Butter”. The song is bright, fun, and catchy. It’s a perfect summer song and I’m happy people around the world have been enjoying it too. This song is overall good vibes.


B.I “illa illa”

  • What a beautiful song from B.I. His whole album is incredible. “illa illa” sounds freeing and fresh. B.I pourers so much into his music and I’m so thankful he never gave up. The world needs his music.

EXO – “Don’t fight the feeling”

  • One of my most replayed songs of the year and my #1 artist of the year (according to Spotify) is EXO! I’ve listened to EXO consistency all year. “Don’t fight the feeling” was a gift to EXO-L, the album is full of great songs. EXO is a legendary group and I can’t wait till all the members are back together.

2PM – “Make it”

  • In April I discovered 2PM and I never thought I would fall for six sexy talented men. Fast forward a few months and they had their incredible comeback. The whole thing was smooth, classy, and suave. This was one of my top favorite comebacks of the year. I loved everything about it. The song “Make It” and the b-side tracks sound and feels sophisticated. When I listen to their album MUST, I think about summer.

Seventeen – “Heaven’s Cloud”

  • What can I say? This song is…heavenly. The vocals are soft and the first time I heard it, I wanted to melt.

Ha Sung Woon – “Sneakers”

  • “Sneakers” is such a fun song. I love the groove to it. It’s cute and upbeat. I definitely had moments that I kept hitting replay on this song.

Twice – “Alcohol-Free”

  • Just like with every Twice song, I enjoyed “Alcohol-Free” but it took me a while to really love it. One day I had the song stuck in my head and I became obsessed with it. The choreography is fun, the music video is fresh, and it’s a great summer song.

Brave Girls – “Chi Mat Ba Ram”

  • Brave Girls are indeed the summer queens. They released “Chi Mat Ba Ram” and it’s the perfect summer song. I’m so happy they were able to have a great comeback after the success from “Rollin’” earlier this year. When I think of Brave Girls I’ll definitely think of summer. “Chi Mat Ba Ram” is fun and bright. Also their b-side track “Pool Party”.

Yugyeom “Falling In Love”

  • Can I just list all the songs from Yugyeom’s album Point Of View: U? This album is so good. But for this list I picked his softer song “Falling In Love” because his vocals are heavenly. Another song I want to mention is “When U Fall”, it’s fantastic. Honestly, I love this music direction for Yugyeom.


AKMU Feat. Sam Kim – “EVEREST”

  • AKMU released an incredible album. It was hard picking my favorite track because all the tracks tell a story. But I chose “EVEREST”. It’s such a great motivational song. I love the message and the vocals.

D.O. – “Rose”

  • Another AMAZING album was from D.O. All the songs are so good. But I chose his title track “Rose” because of how sweet and fresh it sounds. The music video is just as sweet. Everything, from the songs, the music video, the concept pictures – felt like a nice lazy summer day. It was another favorite release of the year for me.

Jinyoung – “DIVE”

  • Jinyoung gifted us a refreshing single, “DIVE”. It’s fun and smooth. Jinyoung’s vocals are light and so nice to hear. I’m happy he released this song, it was perfect for the summer.

Moon Jong Up – “US”

  • Jong Up’s song “US” was super fun. I loved the choreography, his vocals, and the music video. It was so groovy and catchy, I had this song stuck in my head several times.

Sole Feat. Wonstein – “Stay with me”

  • “Stay with me” is a beautiful yet sad song with one of the best music videos. The music video really took me by surprise, it was so well made. Sole and Wonstein’s vocals are incredible.


Gray “Baby Don’t Cry” feat. Yumdda

  • Gray released his INCREDIBLE album Grayground and it was on repeat for months. Yes, it’s one of my favorite albums of the year. “Baby Don’t Cry” quickly became my favorite when I first heard it. Also I love the music video. That song has saved me during some stressful days. Gray can release sexy songs but also meaningful songs and I thank him for that.

Ten and YangYang – “Low Low”

  • Ten and YangYang are such a great duo. I don’t know how else to describe “Low Low” but it’s FUN. The song, music video, and choreography. I also had this song on repeat so many times. It’s catchy and full of good vibes. This song can brighten anyone’s day.

CIX – “Wave”

  • Yes, CIX released another amazing song. “Wave” is fresh and fun. I love the message. I’ll admit I still like “Cinema” a bit more. But “Wave” is still great, it’s light with an addicting chorus. I love seeing this side of the group.

Somi – “Dumb Dumb”

  • At first I thought Somi’s song “Dumb Dumb” was okay. But the more I listened to it the more it grew on me. Needless to say, “Dumb Dumb” became one of my favorite songs. I also love the choreography.

Stray Kids – “The View”

  • Don’t worry, I know you’re probably thinking…where’s “Thunderous”!? Trust me, I love that song so much. However I chose their b-side track “The View” because of how freeing it sounds. It was perfect for the summer. I can’t help but feel at peace every time I listen to this song. It’s a gem.

ONF – “Popping”

  • ONF is back on the list! “Popping” is such a fun summer song. However every time I listen to the song I get mixed feelings…because of that dang music video! Definitely the most shocking music video goes to ONF “Popping”. I was not expecting that ending. So every time I listen to the song I think about the music video. But besides that – the song is really fun and I still enjoy it.


  • Can we appreciate TXT’s range? There have been times when this song would randomly pop into my head and I had to play it. It’s so good – the vocals, the choreography, the music video. I love seeing TXT’s growth with each comeback.

Red Velvet – “Queendom”

  • This was a comeback everyone was looking forward to, including me. “Queendom” was bright and bubbly. The song is catchy and the choreography too. The music video is colorful and filled with magic. The whole comeback was a treat.

CL – “Spicy”

  • Queen CL released one of the most addicting songs of the year. “Spicy” is full of CL’s charisma and style. It’s bold and full of confidence. No one can duplicate what she has in terms of music and her performances.

BTOB “Outsider”

  • This was such a jazzy comeback for BTOB. I loved their whole concept. The song is groovy and the lyrics are so relatable. BTOB always puts a smile on my face, I love these guys. This comeback was solid and I look forward to more BTOB content in the new year!

There you have it! My favorite Kpop songs released from May – August of 2021. Remember to check out my individual blog post for each month (I include more songs there).

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