There’s no doubt the end of November and the start of December have been hectic.

The last day of November GOT7, Kai, and Enhypen released their albums. Then in December I watched two online concerts (B1A4 and Pentagon) plus MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards). I did write a blog post for both online concerts and videos (including MAMA 2020).

I would like to remind everyone the songs I list are my personal picks for the month. There are plenty of groups/artists I don’t mention in this post – But check my Spotify playlist for November and they might be there 🙂

Let’s start with my honorable mentions:

Kai – “Mmmh”/ “Hello Stranger” – This is one of my favorite solo debuts of 2020 and honestly I love all the songs on Kai’s album.

BTS – “Life Goes On” – A hopeful song the world needs. Plus their monumental and personal album Be, is really good. “Dis-ease” and “Stay” are some of my favorite tracks.

MAMAMOO – “Aya”/ “Travel” – Iconic songs, Mamamoo doesn’t follow trends they set them.

WOODZ – “On my own”, “Thanks to” and “Sweater” – His title track is good but his b-side songs are incredible . WOODZ is another artist that doesn’t follow trends. He has his own sound and style and I love it.

Ha Sung Woon – “Without You” and “2000 Miles” – These songs are so underrated, Sung Woon’s vocals are exquisite and these songs are so sweet.

So now here are my top 5 favorite Kpop songs of November 2020!

5. Taemin – “Think Of You”

Here’s my reaction video to Taemin “Think Of You” music video!

I’ll admit, it was really hard to pick one of Taemin’s songs. His whole album Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 2 is so good. I wrote a whole blog post on it, you can read it here. I love all the songs but I think “Think of You” has a little bit of every song from his album – the heartwarming message, the comforting sounds, Taemin’s soft vocals, etc. I think Taemin’s recent comeback is one of my top favorites of his. He is definitely an artist that keeps expanding and growing.

4. GOT7 – “Born Ready”

Here’s my reaction video to GOT7 “Last Piece” music video!

This song was written by Mark and it is currently my go-to song if I need a boost of confidence. But I have to say, their album Breath of Love: Last Piece is GOT7’s hidden gem. The members participated in its creation and the songs are incredible. Of course I love “Breath” and “Last Piece” but I also love the song “We Are Young”, their vocals are exquisite.

3. Monsta X – “Stand Together”

Here’s my reaction video to Monsta X “Love Killa” music video!

“Stand Together” and “Nobody Else” are tied. I love the powerhouse anthem-like message and sound in “Stand Together” along with their other b-side track “Beastmode”. But I also love how smooth “Nobody Else” is, Hyungwon participated in composing it, their vocals are so smooth and fluid in this track. I can’t help but have it on repeat. I wrote a blog post on their album Fatal Love, you can read it here. Also their title track “Love Killa” is iconic and that mv too!

2. ENHYPEN – “Intro: Walk the Line”

Here’s my reaction video to Enhypen “Given-Taken” music video!

This song came as a surprise to me. First of all I didn’t expect I would have an intro song as one of my top favorites. Secondly, having a group that debuted on the last day of November be on this list (it’s extremely rare). But Enhypen’s song “Intro: Walk the Line” is so ethereal and other-worldly. The song sounds hopeful and freeing. I love that this song marks the start of Enhypen’s journey – the uncertainties that lie ahead but they have the courage to chase after that future. It’s incredible.

1. CNBLUE – “Then, Now and Forever”

Here’s my reaction video to CNBLUE “Then, Now and Forever” music video!

CNBLUE is a band that I never thought I would become such a huge fan of. But once I was introduced to their music, there was no turning back. I have been listening to their albums and watching their concert videos almost everyday since November. I have to thank Boice (their fans) who actually got me into the band. Not only have I become a fan myself but also my mom too! I wrote a blog post on their latest album, you can read it here.

Discovering CNBLUE and their music feels like a whole new world – there’s a before and after – life before CNBLUE and life after CNBLUE.

This comeback marked a change for the band. It’s a pivotal comeback and I’m immensely grateful that I discovered them – and I’m here for this new chapter of their musical journey. All the songs on their album RE-CODE are so beautiful. The lyrics are incredible and it is the perfect album to play in the winter. I could type thousands of words about CNBLUE but I’m trying to keep this post (somewhat) short.

Once again I would like to remind everyone these songs are my personal top picks for the month. There are plenty of groups and artist I didn’t mention. But most of my favorite Kpop comebacks for the month of November are listed on my Spotify playlist.


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